Buy and Short on the same bar with different entry and same exit

Hi All,

I am coding a backtest which will trigger BUY and SHORT at the same bar, with different entry price but same exit. Since I only got daily data, I can't test this with intraday and above would happen in the same bar.

I checked the document about "backtestRegularRawMulti", it is talking "for more than one bar". Would like to see if there is any method I can backtest with BUY and SHORT, and closed both of them in a single bar?


* **backtestRegularRawMulti** - signal-based backtest, redundant (raw) entry signals are NOT removed, MULTIPLE positions per symbol will be open if BUY/SHORT signal is true for more than one bar and there are free funds,


You can post your code, its easy to undestand with full code.

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