Buy&Hold Stats don't show in portfolio (*Filter) report (AB 6.39)

Buy&Hold Stats show in single-stock (*Current) report but not in portfolio (*Filter) report.

"Include Buy-and-Hold Stats" is checked and I've selected a Portolio B&H symbol (I've tried SPX-I & SPY, both available)

I'm using AB 6.39

Thanks for any suggestions

Buy and hold only appears when:

  • "Include Buy-and-hold" stats box is CHECKED in the Analysis settings, "Report" tab
  • Portfolio B&H symbol exists and has data in backtested range
  • "Allow position shrinking" is ENABLED in the Analysis Settings


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Thank you.

I had missing Buy&Hold stats happen again in another long-history BT.

I turned on Pad & Align to SPX-I and B&H stats appeared.

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