Buy is ture, but won't enter a trade


I am working on an afl code and have 3 conditions should be true to enter a trade.

Buy = Condition1  AND Condition2 AND Condition3;  

I noticed that even all three conditions turn to be true, it won't enter the trade.
in the Explore mode, I monitored the conditions as the following:

AddColumn( Condition1, "Condition_1" );
AddColumn( Condition2, "Condition_2" );
AddColumn( Condition3, "Condition_3" );

AddColumn(  Condition1  AND Condition2 AND Condition3, "All Conditions" );
AddColumn(  Buy, "Buy Conditions" );

Here, I can monitor and make sure that:

  1. The first three columns "Condition1", "Condition2" and "Condition3" are true.
  2. The fourth column "Condition1 AND Condition2 AND Condition3" are true at the same time (obviously!)
  3. The fifth column "Buy" return false!!

Anyone knows what would be the problem!!

There's absolutely no way for anyone here to guess what's wrong until you post your code.


@Oscar, try running the debugger to view your conditions while the code is running.