Buy Sell Signal for MA26 crossing RSI(13)

This is about 26 MA plotted on RSI 13....somebody please help in plotting this crossovers as buy sell signal as per chart snapshot given below....thanks


You should post the whole code to get complete replies.

Else add this to it:

rsi13 = RSI(13);
ma26  = MA(C, 26);
Buy   = Cross( rsi13, ma26 );

Reverse the variables for Sell.

Thanks Travick....actually I am not a good coder...know only some basis codes....thanks again for your input.

This is not correct formula...this shows MA (26) of price crossing RSI(13)....I want to get crossover of MA26(RSI 13) and RSI (13)...please help

I'm taking your post as a rude response.

I want this, I want that, all the time....Post your functional code is what I said earlier.
You post half baked stuff, you'll only get pseudocode.

And if AFL code is not correct, show the error in debugger.

Again not clearly, but if you meant what you wrote, then just swap the variables:

Buy   = Cross( ma26, rsi13 );
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@travick I think he wants the moving average of the RSI, and that average crossing the RSI.

I’m on my phone so can’t easily type in a code . Good luck.

hahaha, you gave me a good laugh.

Now we're supposed to do the thinking, mind reading, guessing and solve cryptic responses from OP :slight_smile: at the same time explain and give a full copy-paste solution.
will wait for his reply.

Hey Travick....

I told beforehand that I am not a coder and as far as clarity of the subject is concerned....chart was posted wherein it was clearly visible that MA26 was applied on RSI(13) and I clearly mentioned that I needed crossover of MA26(RSI13) and RSI(13)....I don't think anything else was needed regarding clarity of the looks like from your revert that you are taking overload while giving your inputs....If it was too much troublesome for would have better avoided the post and focused on your job...anyways...thanks again for your input whatever it was........

Great, you will spend more time trying to tell me I didn't read properly etc etc
See your first post,
heading Buy Sell Signal for MA26 crossing RSI(13)
What does one understand from this

see this, it remotely states the MA26 of RSI 13.

And even if you are not good at coding, you should try and resolve instead of saying formula is not correct.
Why didn't you say i'll try and explain better?

And even then, code was already handed to you. All you could do is change the variable.

rsi13 = RSI(13);
ma26  = MA(C, 26);
Buy   = Cross( rsi13, ma26 );

to This

rsi13 = RSI(13);
ma26  = MA( rsi13, 26);      // Replace Close with rsi13
Buy   = Cross( ma26, rsi13 );

but no!!!
Lets attack the guy and tell him how to spend his time properly and that his life is overloaded.