Buyer hysteria (or do developers rest/sleep at all?), was: Buyer Beware

I purchased Amibroker Ultimate Professional today for $499.00. Payment cleared and an email was received confirming my purchase.

However, I never received a download link or activation codes.

Moderator: The above is a false statement. The license keys were delivered as quickly as it was possible (in fact sooner, on Saturday morning, when office is officialy closed)

When I emailed Amibroker asking for these I received an email back stating they didn’t recognize my email address and that my request for support would be denied since support was only available to paying customers and I wasn’t one!

Moderator: The above is a false statement. No one ever denied your request. You received AUTO-RESPONDER saying that support is open from Monday-Friday and that you are writing from e-mail that is not registered in our database and you have to wait for HUMAN RESPONSE. No human ever denied any service to you

I used to run a software company. Two to be exact. I never allowed my businesses to treat ANY of our our paying customers, especially our highest revenue ones, the way I am being treated now. I cannot express how deeply disappointed I am.

Something on a business level is seriously wrong when a company cannot provide even this most basic level of service. Despite its technical capabilities, so far my advice is beware this company. As for me, I plan to file a complaint for fraud with my credit card company if this cannot soon be resolved.

AlphaSnail, your post is inconsistent with the level of maturity of what one would expect from someone who used to run two companies.

Anyway, with all due respect, in your post you state “I purchased Amibroker Ultimate Professional today”, yet the same day you’re accusing the company of fraud! What is happening is that you are overreacting and projecting your lack of patience onto others.

Amibroker provides some of the best support in the industry. Provide them the receipt of your payment and the email, and you’ll fine.


@AlphaSnail please act reasonable and don't start a World War III because of some technical issues in the first few hours after the purchase.

Allow support and @Tomasz to respond before claiming that it is a fraud company. I bet so far you have only received automatic support response - probably because you have purchased AmiBroker on Friday evening.

I quote from

Regular support is open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday (8:00-18:00 GMT).

We also do our best to answer also during weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays but response time is usually longer, especially for non-emergency issues.

This forum has almost 4500 users. I've been actively participating in this and prior forum for a couple of years and have never heard about anyone calling AmiBroker a fraud. You are the first one!


@Milosz, I remember Tomasz mentioning somewhere that such acts are a part of well-planned exploitation scheme.

Not so long back (before introduction of the badge), I was shocked to notice that one user (now banned) from this forum was using pirated v6.30. My immediate reaction was how did it get out to unregistered mass? Because one does not get the latest version on trial. Then, it was explained to me.

What these larcenists do, is that, they would purchase the latest AmiBroker version using a Credit Card, install it in their PC, get it registered, make necessary copies for later reverse engineering to formulate or develop a crack.

And almost immediately call out foul about AmiBroker to their Banks that it was a fraudulent transaction and demand a refund. This way, in one hand they got the crack for the latest AmiBroker and on the other got their money back.

A similar pattern can be noticed in OP's post!

New trend : If you call a thief, thief! The thief is first going to call you a thief, because you caught him stealing.



If what you say is happening then you have nothing to worry or carry on about! @Tomasz will sort it for you and then feel free to apologise!

You won't get much help on this forum with that attitude and with the lack of respect you have shown - disgrace!



you have ordered Friday late AFTERNOON 16:20 (we are in Europe, not in USA, your time zone is not ours), after we closed the office for weekend. Due to issues with the order it could not be processed automatically (by robot) - it had to wait for MANUAL PROCESSING.

The order was PROCESSED on Saturday MORNING, during WEEKEND, when office was officially closed, approx. 18 hours after order was placed.

If I did not care and did not go the extra mile your order would be waiting till Monday. But you received it on Saturday morning.

Last but not least @AlphaSnail flooded our inbox with emails using offending language for no reason.

That is a way of saying "thank you" for my hard work. Thank you for such "customer attitude". Great way of encouraging developer to work. Congratulations.


I can not express how much such false accusations and ill-conceived posts do damage to my willingness to work on AmiBroker further. Every time I have some great idea for improvement I need to focus and get good energy to do the hard work, here comes some "situation" caused by rude people like @AlphaSnail as well as pirates/thieves and I have less and less motivation. So watch for what you are doing because you will do the irreversible damage.



Your hard work and skills are very much respected and very much appreciated by many people. Please never forget that!

Many people have had their lives greatly enhanced by AmiBroker!


...and their trading account balances!


Tomasz, please don't give up and keep developing AmiBroker universe! Thousands of satisfied customers can't be wrong. They should not suffer because of a few disgruntled customers or some groundless accusations. Please treat today's incident only as an exception which proves the rule.

BTW. It's a pitty, that people like @AlphaSnail are usually the first to accuse but the last to say sorry when it turns out that their accusations or claims were false!


OK, don't worry, development continues, brand new BETA is round the corner I just need to finish some details.


Thank you Tomasz for all your hard work.


Hi Tomasz,

Please don't lose motivation. It is not in the interest of many of your customers to see the chief developer lose motivation.

If you need motivation, please start a thread asking for feedback about your performance and whether you should stop. Many of your customers, including me, will be sure to give you the motivation that you need. I will surely give you words of encouragement unless I did not read that thread.

Thank you for your work on Amibroker. As a customer, my biggest worry is your succession plan. Have you identified and/or found someone to carry on your good work?


Tom is essentially correct in what he said, and I have apologized to him and to the AmiBroker organization directly. Allow me to also apologize to this community of users. I did receive the software and so far it appears to be everything advertised and more. I greatly overreacted and it was inappropriate. Tom, again I am sorry.


Thank you very much. Your apologies are appreciated.


Tank you Tomasz, awaiting your further development