Buying Stocks on Margin with cash = 0

Hello Community, I want to simulate the buying of stocks an margin, but with cash = 0.

The process should follow these steps:

Step 1: First trade
Initial equity (cash): 10.000 $
Buy stocks for 10.000 $
Cash left: 0 $

Step 2: Whait ...
... until the value of the stocks from First trade increases hopefully to (e.g.) 30.000 $

Step 3: Second trade
Because Cash = 0 $, a certain fraction of the value of the stocks (30.000 $) should be used as security ("shares credit") for a second buy. Of course this fraction has to take into account the requirements of the broker on "initial margin" and "maintainance margin".

By looking at the documentation I could not find a solution (or did not recognize that I was already looking at it ...) on how Step 3 could be accomplished. Opening new buy positions seems only be possible until the "Initial (Cash) Equity" in conjunction with the "Account Margin" is exhausted. E.g. with "Initial Equity" = 10.000 $ and "Account Margin" = 50 an amount of 20.000 $ was available for buying stocks.

Is it possible to let the "Account Margin" reference the time-varying stock value/equity (Step 3 above) and not the "Initial Equity" ?

Thank You very much for Your help !

This does not work that way as far as backtester works. If you use standard 50% margin, your buying power (cash + margin) is $20000 and in Step 1 cash does not go down to zero, you still have 50% cash. When you have open positions your buying power varies day by day with changing valuation of open positions.
Run backtest with "Detailed mode" to get all the numbers.

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