Buyprice after a StopTypeProfit must be StopTypeProfit level

  1. Hi

  2. I am investigating a FOREX scalper, and have a rather tight Stopp / take profit.

  3. Buyprice is basically " ref(HHV(H,10),-1 ) ", that is, it will buy on the highest of the last 10 periods.

  4. That works for the first buy (Trade 1) , but this Trade 1 will then hit a StopTypeProfit, and make x profit. I have no re-entry delay.

  5. Trade 2 will immediately be activated with the " ref(HHV(H,10),-1 ) ", and buyprice will then be " ref(HHV(H,10),-1 ) ". And here are the problem... Real life trading will not buy on that, buy it will buy on the last sales price (when the StopTypeProfit was activated).

  6. Is there any way to have BuyPrice to be ;

  7. If no trade on the bar before existed : ref(HHV(H,10),-1 )

  8. If a trade existed; the last sellprice (that is, the StopTypeProfit level)

  9. BR / T

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