C#,data plugin,structured exception

I've just met a strange thing.
I've got a c# demo and tried to compile it.
In my c# project for data plugin.I've never changed any function name .I just add some functions and it was compiled.

But,this AmiBrokerPlugin.dll is out of identification.And I tried to revert it,not any version of my c# demo can be identified~


Has anyone ever seen this situation?Thanks!!

Your plugin (or the C# framework that you are using) simply has a bug (access violation) in GetPluginInfo function.
BTW: C#/.NET is not supported.

Through a tool found online called UpdateExports.exe, I can convert a c# dll for AmiBroker to recognize.
At first,it works~ as for the getPlugininfo function,it is in line with the original.It confused me that how it suddenly break~

Downloading random codes and random .exe from who-knows-where corners of Internet and using them without knowing what they do and how they work is recipe for failure (not mentioning security issue).

C# (and any other .NET language) is NOT supported. See .NET Data Plugin - "function-name not available" Exception

C/C++ is the only supported language by AmiBroker Development Kit and nothing else.

I have my own AFL ADK for C#. Are you interested in?

~I've decided to code in c++

Excuse me ,may you give me one demo for afl plugin in c#:smiley:Good day

Sorry but there is no demo version.