Calling afl/Amibroker using C++


Is it possible to call afl/Amibroker from an API using C++ or any other programming language, for example?

What I want to do: from R (via Rcpp/C++) I would like to access the data I am now exporting to .csv files in a very lengthy process that takes hours. I am exporting this data using a script similar to this .

Since this takes ages I want to avoid this and call for the data directly from C++ for a particular symbol. Is it possible? If, how? Any documentation/examples available?


You are approaching subject from wrong angle. Instead of connect from “R” to AmiBroker, you should do the other way round - control “R” from AmiBroker. There is a plugin in the members’ area of AmiBroker site that allows AmiBroker to call “R”.

And by the way: speed of AmiBroker comes from the fact that not only functions are fast, but whole AmiBroker code is fast, including database. So the more you do within AmiBroker more speed you gain.

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