Can Amibroker COM object load batch file?

I like Amibroker COM object. It allows 3rd-party programming language to control Amibroker.

Is it possible to use Amibroker COM object to load batch file?

It doesn't seem so based on the link below;

Search function reveals majority of answers

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@fxshrat, Thank you for your help as usual. I did search but I did not use the right keyword.

Hopefully the Amibroker command line options will make it into the documentation one day. If you search the Amibroker PDF documentation for /runbatch you won't get any hits.

If you want Amibroker to exit after running the batch, for example if you were running this from a scheduler, and the (also undocumented) /exit switch. Finally, note that these switches are case-sensitive; /RUNBATCH doesn't work.

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