Can chart be set to update on Explore selected row change event?

Hi there,
I'm using Explore on a S&P 500 watchlist to screen for all candidate stocks that have low RSI value for the latest trading day. In another window I have my chart pane.

Double clicking on an entry in the Explore grid causes the chart to update with that symbol.
But pressing the down arrow doesn't cause the chart to refresh to show the symbol on the newly selected row.

I'm wanting to just cursor up and down the Explorer grid and see the relevant chart - a very quick and efficient way of finding the best chart patterns.

Please, is there any setting I can change to make the chart update every time a new row is selected instead of double-clicked? There are 200+ entries the the Explorer grid - it's a lot of double-clicking.

Any help much appreciated, thanks!

Best wishes

Enable "Sync chart on select" in analysis toolbar



thanks a lot - really appreciate it, great advice!

Thanks indeed. This was bugging me also. I would personaly say that this should be default behaviour. I have been scrolling through charts for a few days now and allready wanted to post a feature request :slight_smile:

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If it was on by default I would be getting "why this is destroying my selection, I want analysis NOT to change selected symbol". No matter what you do, there are always people who want it the other way. You can't please everyone.


Then your reply would be "then don't click in the analysis" :slight_smile:

But completely agree, you can't please everyone. Some want it this way, others want it the other way, that will always be.

No, it would not. I am not Steve Jobs to tell you NOT to hold your phone.

AmiBroker gives you options. And you already have the option to switch it the way
you want.

As said, I know you can't please anyone. I am a software developer myself so I totaly understand you and you do not have to explain your design choices.

I am pleased with the option, problem solved for me. For me it's just a matter of finding the options that suit me best because I am confinced there are a lot more options that I am going to find that I will be happy with.

Have a good weekend !

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