Can I add US Stock data for the Amibroker Sector for only 500 symbols?

Can add US Stock data for the Amibroker Sector for only 500 symbols?. Because it uses the Update US Symbol list and Category, it will import all US Stock symbols, which number 7000's. Burdening the use of Amibroker. Thanks

You can use the tool and later DELETE multiple symbols, but it is YOUR choice which symbols to delete because no-one else knows which 500 symbols out of 7000 you want.

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@Batupermata, in this case, I will NOT use the "Update US list and Category" since I think that it is probably faster to create a new .csv file with the list of your selected 500 symbols and then use the ASCII importer to populate the database. (Several past threads are discussing how to do it).

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Read again:

The symbol update tool provides all symbol information already (e.g. sector, industry information)!
So you just need to delete all symbols not being part of SP500, for example.

Why would you create new CSV file with getting symbol informations instead of creating sp500 watchlist and then removing all symbols from DB not being part of that WL? So later one should be the one being faster with less work, IMO.

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All roads lead to Rome!

It all depends on the symbols he needs to keep... He never specified the 500 symbols (@fxshrat, you are assuming the SP500 - and in that case, it may be even faster since the OP may be able to retrieve the list from a site).

In any case, I do not think that deleting 6500 NON-contiguous symbols from the AB user interface will be a fast operation. But that is just my personal opinion too!

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Are you aware that you can multi-select non-contiguous symbols from Symbols window by holding down CTRL key while selecting. Or select "ranges" of symbols by pressing SHIFT.
You can also create "non-wanted" list (.TLS) import that and delete all symbols belonging to that watch list in 3 clicks (hold down shift, select first and last, then delete).

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Yes, I know it, but if the 6500 symbols are sparse IMO it will take time anyway.
The second option is not too dissimilar to creating a new list and using it to populate an empty database.

Anyway, since there are multiple ways to achieve the same goal, the choice is to the user.

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You roads lead to Asia first before arriving Rome.

Read carefully:

It does not matter what symbols.
And again you just have to fill watchlist (e.g. right click WL and use import of TLS file with just tickers) and then run a script to remove all symbols not being part of that watchlist. Should take a few seconds to remove.

And again UI update tool provides all symbol information like ticker, tickername, sector, industry, market already. Not many sources having that.

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Yes that is the main point. Deleting unneeded symbols is just easier than setting up properly categorised database of 500 symbols.

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In my experience, Amibroker works fine with large databases (160K symbols). Of course you need to carefully choose what you want to backtest so you don't do "everything" unless you really want to do so, and this is where filtering by markets, groups and watchlists really helps. Just make sure you avoid survivorship bias (e.g. today's S&P 500 is not the same as the past)

i.e. there no perceptible increased burden on time/ram/cpu in testing backtesing against 500 symbols in a 500 symbol database versus 500 symbols in a 160,000 symbol database.


Thanks for the help and suggestions :pray:

Incidentally Amibroker datafeeb around 500s, but not SP500

This is Amibroker datafeed office computer, have 8,451 symbol

All Datafeeb Amibroker 8000

This is an example of the data I took from the Update US Symbol list and Category

Amibroker Sector and Indrustry

Can market, sector and industrial data be entered into the Amibroker datafeed and how? Thank you :pray:

I need something like this on Amibroker Chart :pray:. Thanks

Data Sector, Indrustry, Fundamental

I pray and hope that later the AmiQuote Update will include additional sectors and industries, so that it is more complete and easier :pray:. Thanks

Please stop spamming the forum with multiple posts. There is nothing to pray about.
Sector & industry information is ALREADY available via Tools->Update US symbol list and categories

All sectors and industries are AUTOMATICALLY setup by this tool and you don't need to do ANYTHING and you don't need any update or prayers.

Now you have 8,451 tickers in your database and you want to keep only 500.

  1. You need to have the 500 tickers in a text file.
  2. You need to have an AFL script to screen out those tickers that are not in the 500 and output to a watch list.
  3. Open the watch list and highlight everything and delete.
    You have your 500 in your database. :slight_smile:

As @NorgateData the whole effort of removing symbols is not really needed as AmiBroker handles 8000+ symbols easily and analysis can easily be limited to user-defined group of 500 symbols WHILE keeping the whole data set.

I presume that thread starter might have broadband constraint. Not all have 1 gbps fibreoptic in this region.