Can I get help on setting DDE connection from Excel to AmiBroker

Hi Good afternoon
from last few days i am trying to setup dde from excel to amibroker, but i could not able to setup link, i am attaching image which contains list of banking stocks in csv file, from here i need step by step help, thank you all


The steps are discussed here in detail

Also, what can and cant be done is explained.

Do read this as well

You have not provided any detail which can be used to help you.

i tried from my level, but failed, i watched so many videos followed so many blogs/sites but could not get connected to amibroker,
let me explain what i did

  1. i linked my Trading terminal to excel through link to excel option, which contains different symbols ( some five different symbols).
  2. saved excel file in banklist.csv format
  3. opened amibroker and created new database
  4. selected DDE datasource
  5. in configuration after selecting 2nd option i specified EXCEL as server
    here i am getting struck,all my symbols are displaying in symbols list, but unable to connect to live data after clicking ok button.
    can anyone guide where i am missing, and what is my nest step

Hi, Did you manage to work it out? I'm intrerested in doing the same and would like to see what steps you took if you wouldn't mind.


Hi i can do the settings for you and start the connection. Let me know it interested.

Can you share the setting please for NSE.

Long procedure but 1 time activity

Please share if you don't mind, would be really appreciated.

Which version of amibroker u have?

I have the latest version,

And please enlighten be what is "the latest" version, because I don't know. On my computer it is 6.39. Do you have it? No. So if somebody asks you for the version, you should say EXACT version number because "latest" means nothing at all.


It's AmiBroker 6.35.1 BETA, sorry for the incomplete answer.