Can I get the name of the APX file that is running my AFL?

I've got an AFL that I would like to call from multiple APX files, and have it do slightly different things based on the calling APX.

Is it possible for the AFL file to know the name of the APX file running it?

If not, no biggie, I'll just have to clone the AFL file.

No, you can't get APX file name, mostly because there can be no APX involved at all (you don't need to save APX in order to run AFL).

AFAIU, you wouldn't need APX file name.

You may use same #include command per each project.

And then per each APX project it is calling different part inside the function/procedure.

APX file 1:

#include <>

func = Include_function( 1 );

APX file 2:

#include <>

func = Include_function( 2 );


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