Can I re-direct a back-testing report to a specific folder?

Hi, AmiBroker back-testing reports are being created by default in the Reports folder e.g. C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Reports. Is there a way to instruct AmiBroker to generate them in another folder ?

Any data and/or folder can be redirected to any other folder using symbolic link:

Thanks for the quick reply. The issue is that the folder name contains the current date and time so I am not able to “guess” the name of the report folder. I was hoping that Amibroker has a setting that will allow me to assign a specific name for the output folder (or choose a specific path). The link to the folder can be created only after the fact and I need to know it beforehand. Any help would be appreciated.

To be more specific : I need to separate the backtest output folders on a strategy by strategy basis and not have them all be saved to the Reports folder nor to a link to the Reports folder.

Create symlink to just "Reports" folder. This is ONE link for PARENT directory and ALL reports that are inside will be created in new place.

Reports MUST be in one parent folder because they are accessed by Report Explorer and it is designed with that in mind (i.e. with the fact that reports are inside one parent folder).

What you can do is to set the formula name (but not entire path)

If you don't like it, you can copy reports to any other location.

Got it. Being able to set the formula name saves the day. Thanks much.