Can I recover hand drawn studies after I accidentally deleted Chart

I had been working on adding hand drawn studies (Trendlines, Rays, and Horizontal Lines) to a chart for a large number of symbols, for use in an Exploration and Scan (I was adding Study IDs).

I then accidentally Closed the Chart (MDI tab).

Is there a way for me to recover the hand drawn studies?

I can easily change the ChartID in the Exploration code, I just need to know * IF / HOW* I can recover the studies.


@snoopy.pa30, take a look at this past thread and this one.

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@beppe, THANKS.

My search criteria lead me to your second link, but missed the first one.

First one is what I needed to know. Unfortunately I had not backed up AB before I deleted the chart.

Thanks for pointing me to the solution.

If you have not made backups and have accidentally closed charts/panes/deleted studies then open a second instance of AB without doing any savings in the first instance and without closing the first AB instance.
Once you have opened 2nd AB instance and have opened same DB the original layout with previous studies will be back there in 100% of cases (then you can close 1st AB instance and save all of 2nd instance).
Has never failed (on my end). IMO most reliable method to quickly restore things having gone wrong. BTW, this method also works if you have accidentally deleted symbols.

As aside another hint (for chart panes)... go to Tools-Preferences-Charting and enable "Ask before closing indicator pane" (Yes, I know you closed chart tab not pane).


Thanks @fxshrat. You are always a font of great knowledge.

Unfortunately I shut system down last night, so I can't use this technique now to save me from myself....

Good to know that procedure. I hope I never need it (again)!

Thanks much!

I have taken to making frequent backups of the whole AmiBroker folder. Much easier IMO.


If you just closed MDI tab, you can just re-open it.

File->New->Default Chart menu.

As described in the Knowledge Base:

All drawings will be back.

Note: the procedure works for as long as you don't define NEW "default" chart.

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