Can not create new database with IB Data Source

Hi. I downloaded the trial version of AB and test IB connect interface (I have an IB account). Unfortunately, the Data Source box is grayed out (see below). Is this a limitation of the trial? User error? Some system issue?



p.s. If this is successful, I want to buy the Ultimate Pack Pro and return to AB after a multi-year absence.

  1. You have to click "Create" (database) then
  2. You can choose data source.

Further info on IB data plugin

PS: you are in the wrong topic. This section here is about IBController.
You should have posted in instead

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Thanks for the advice, especially that it’s a two-step process.

It’s not clear from that popup that this is a two-step process. It APPEARS to be a single step process and that clicking the “Create” button would create a “Local” database.