Can not Print charts

Can not print charts. Both the shortcut button and File/Print will show that the print job has been sent, but no print job. (Using Windows 10 Pro) (Printer works fine for all other applications and other computers. Only having issue with AmiBroker charts.)
I can print AmiBroker Reports, I can send chart via email, I can print file to a pdf (which is how I have been printing charts for the last year), but cannot send charts directly to the printer.
I have done a Full Installation of Amibroker and countless reboots on computer and printer.
My IT guys says it appears to be an AmiBroker issue since I can print from other areas of AmiBroker (such as Reports) and other computers. He recommends uninstalling AmiBroker, but a Jun 18 post by Tomasz says there is never any need to uninstall, only do a Full Installation, which I have done, but still no success printing charts.
Any help would be appreciated.

Uninstalling does not do anything. The problem is within printer driver. AmiBroker does not use anything unusual. It just issues regular GDI commands to printer metafile (LineTo/MoveTo). This is not rocket science. The printer should be able to print that. Especially if PRINT TO PDF from AmiBroker works. You may check printer margins. The printer may be unable to print things greater than certain size. And it would help if you told us what printer that is.

Thanks Tomasz! I will explore the printer driver.

HP said the standard HP print drivers are not compatible with AmiBroker, but a Universal Print Driver was installed and is now working.
Thanks again Tomasz!

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