Can the date be changed that is displayed on Weekly/monthly charts?

I have been using Ameritrade's TOS program for years. When I am displaying weekly charts and you hover over the bar, the bar will show the Monday date for that week and when I use monthly charts the bar will show the 1st of the month. Now I am learning Amibroker and when I click on the bar, the weekly bar shows the Friday date and the monthly bar shows the 30th or 31st date, depending on the days in month. This is strange to me and was wondering if there is an easy way to get the date or day of the week displayed to match TOS? In other words, TOS weekly bars show Monday date and Amibroker weekly bars show the Friday date. Can I change this in Amibroker?

See these settings:


Thank you very much TrendSurfer! I didn't even look in that tab since it was labeled 'Intraday'. I will be having other questions shortly. Since I am not a programmer ( I am an electrical engineer), this AFL is greek to me. I have all my parameters set up and matching TOS (EMA, StochRSI, MACD, etc) but only by getting the different files, again online. I understand some basic AFL language but I need my buy and sell programming to look at different parameters before buying, not just one. I am going through the manual now but like I said, I know I will have questions on this! Thanks again for your help.

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