Can the market gap down below my buy limit order without filling it

Sorry this is not afl question. I tried posting in other sections but it won't let me.
My question is:
Lets say i have buy limit order placed at limit price 100. I placed this at time 10:00:00. At which time market price was 105. This bar starts at 10:00:00 and goes upto 10:04:59. Order was unfilled.

Next bar opened at price 99. This bar starts at 10:05:00 to 10:09:59.

Is it possible that my limit buy orders remain unfilled?

Yes, it is possible that your order could remain unfilled. It can happen when Best Asks did not engulf your Bid at the time market was trading <= your Limit Buy Order. There were other Bids in queue that got filled before yours, and, by the time it could fill your Bid, price danced above your Limit Bid which left your order "unfilled".

Often, this happens in seconds or less. So, you will have tick(s) in your data (chart) lower than your Bid price and you wonder, "why the heck my Buy order did not go through when market went below my price?".

Here is Haim Bodek for you and others explaining conspiracies in this regard, however, its part & parcel of this negotium.

Your order, being a Limit Bid (buy) order would get executed to the Best Ask (sell) order <= your limit price. Hence, it is advisable to place Bids at Best Ask to ensure fill and vice-versa. Having that said, you (or programmatically) need to make sure that the spread is not unusal than the norm, generally, liquid instruments does not exhibit this problem. Yes, slippage is a cost and must be accounted for!

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