Can up/down arrow keys be used in place of double-click in a watch list?

I bring up an Analysis Window, detach it, run Explore and then have 1 big chart open in the main Amibroker application window. I know I can double-click on any symbol in the watch list and that symbol's chart will appear in the active chart window. However, this is very slow when you have 100's of symbols to visually scan through. I would like to just have the up and down arrows to automatically select the next chart to display with no double-click needed.

Can I setup Amibroker to do this? When I use the up and down arrows currently, the watch list is navigated with a highlight but this isn't related to selecting the next symbol to display.

I looked at this link and it didn't help:

Check if you have Sync chart on select option in Analysis window settings menu enabled:


I quote from Tomasz’s article:

If we find that double-clicking is too much work, it is possible to mark Sync chart on select option in Analysis window settings menu and then single click to select a chart is enough to sync the symbol in the chart. This also allows to use keyboard (up/down cursor keys) to change the selection and sync automatically.

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