Can we determine (in AFL) the order of columns in the backtest trade list?

By trade list I mean the list of trades that appears when the backtest completes, not the one that is available in the backtest report.

I am using custom backtest and adding custom metrics at trade level and backtest level. I’m using SetOption(“ExtraColumnsLocation”, 1); and SetSortColumns( 3)

The custom metrics appear in the order they are defined, as expected.

All the other columns appear in random order which changes with each backtest.

I know I can move them manually - gets a bit tedious with repeated backtests.

Can I define (in AFL) the order in which default columns appear, or at least set something so they don’t change randomly ?

Not true. All the other columns appear in totally non-random order. They appear in FIXED order at least upto the moment when you change this via column customization (right click on the header).

Thanks for the reply Tomasz.

As you say, the order changes from the default order according to the added metrics and the ExtraColumnsLocation. This is why I acknowledged them in my question.

I would have assumed that default order would resume after the added metrics. Instead, the default columns appear in a different and unpredicatable order after the added metrics.

I can see no pattern in the order in which they appear. It changes often, though not every time.

I'll post an image below that shows the headings of several different backtests to illustrate. May be hard to read but not sure of a better way.

It may be just a characteristic of the program, or I may be doing something wrong, but if there is a way to determine the sequence of columns or even have them revert to default after the added columns then I'd like to know of it

Thanks for a great program and any help you can give. (I hope you can read the image)


Did you try right click on the list header, choosing “Setup Columns” and then “Reset”?

Thanks you. Hadn’t discovered that one.

Columns returned to organised order. I also got rid of some that were not relevant to me.

I hope it stays stable for a while and doesn’t need resetting every time.

Thanks again.