Can we plot lines based on an excel file

hello world

I have an excel file which produces some levels, gets updated every 15min and saves on the desktop in .csv format.
Is it possible to plot lines on amibroker based on the levels generated, without writing the complex formula to generate the levels?
"I would like to export the csv file and would like the levels to be plotted on the charts"

Is is possible? LOL!!lev

Yes, this should be easy: just read the data directly from the CSV file using AmiBroker's File Input/Output functions. See this page for a list of the functions that are available: Primarily you will need fopen(), fclose(), fgets(), and feof().


@mradtke I dont know how to work with it.
I have some live data feed from excel to AB
I have another excel file which is saved on the desktop as Levels.csv this file has some levels for some of the symbols in AB "not all" I would like to plot horizontal line on those symbols in AB chart. and if there is new values updated want to plot the same for that symbol and also it that symbol is no longer in the excel want the plotted lines to be removed automatically.