Can you go long and short on a stock in the same bar?

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Probably a basic question for the more advanced user but I was wondering if it's possible to go long and short in the same bar when trading a single stock on daily bars (any stock would do).

let's say you have a bar on day 1 with high 50 and low 48$. You place a buy stop market order on 50 (=long) and short stop market order on 48 (=short).

The next day, you have a high volatility day thus a bar with a high range: high is 60 and low is 40 (open is 49 and close is 44$). Let's assume I only have daily prices thus I make a guess about the intra-day price. I was hoping I would see the following trade: buy long at 50, exit at 48 and go short at 48. Close end of day thus on 44$. This results in having a long and a short trade on the same day (and thus bar)

Maybe the above is only possible with intra-day prices but I wanted to ask the question anyway.

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With default backtester - no, you can't. Long pos will take precedence. But you can do this if you use low-level custom backtester. You can then do whatever you want including opening opposite positions at the very same bar.

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