Canadian Mutual Fund tickers

How to get a list of all Canadian Mutual Fund tickers?

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But Canadian mutual fund fees are among the highest in the world and on average have a much lower return than the stock indexes. That's why I buy the actual stocks myself and use Amibroker so I can get better returns than the indexes.

I use mutual funds (CDA and US) to ‘park’ cash between equity investments. I need the mutual fund tickers that work in GoogleFinance so that I can get Google historical data into AmiBroker via AmiQuote so I can use the great analytical capability of AmiBroker. I use ‘no load’ mutual funds but you are correct, the MER on Canadian mutual funds is stealing.

Tomasz responded to a direct request to AmiBroker support as follows;
'I am sorry but I don't have ready-to-use list for Canadian mutual funds.
The naming convention is MUTF_CA:DYN014 where MUTF_CA: is required prefix and then goes the fund symbol.'

Marcel - Thanks much for the cannex link you provided.
Those are the codes and fund names I need, but, there are approx 150 providers for the approx 17000 Canadian mutual funds.
That would be tooooooo many hours of 'cut and paste' to create the list I need to create an AmiBroker database.
There must be a better way.

The naming convention is


and so on

whe MUTF_CA: is required prefix and then goes the fund symbol

But you could collect the names using Google Finance search:

@davidlinton on an aside, you wrote that you're switching back and forth between Canadian and American funds? I switch quite often myself between Canadian and American stocks. I found that most of the Canadian brokers love to charge an extra 1 to 3% beyond the currency exchange. That's too expensive if you're changing currencies a couple of times a month. I found that Scotia Itrade has a "US Friendly" account for about $30 extra a year which allows me to change currencies as much as I like at the proper FX rate not the typical banks inflated rate. The other account that works well for me is Interactive Brokers. There I can switch currencies on the foreign exchange market for just a few dollars commission. The bonus of course with IB is that it works well with Amibroker. Do you manage to change currencies without having to pay the typical extra 1 to 3%?

Marcel - re how I use mutual funds
I have $CDA accounts and $US accounts.
I use mutual funds on both sides (both US and CDN companies) to park (either bull or bear funds) cash between equity investments.
I buy $US cash when it is cheap (like now) increasing $US exposure - I do not switch back and forth.
Re brokers, yes IB compatability with AB is great, also $1 per trade is attractive.
Also TDWaterhouse has an 'auto wash' feature that avoids exchange commissions buy automatically on a buy taking $ from, and on a sell adding $ to, a high interest $US money market account, at no cost other than the initial $US purchase commission.