Candle forms discrepancy and limited amount of data which can be downloaded from IQFEED


I have asked this question through email from Tomsaz, but I though to ask it here as well because maybe others also benefit from the answers.

I just subscribed to IQFEED for Forex and I have two problems. After consulting with IQFEED technical support, they have advised me to contact Amibroker. The issues:

  1. The shape of candles in Amibroker is different from Meta Trader 4 and
    This also happens when I import data from MT4 through DDE.
    This is a very big concern for me.

  2. The amount of data I can download never gos beyond 2014/15 (even for daily data) while IQFEED data is available as far as 1994/5 (for daily). I have set the NUMBER of BARS to 1000000 for 1 minute data. I also have installed the 6.201 version (64bit).

As per IQFEED, the 1 minute data is available as far as 2005 and the daily data is available back to 1993/5.

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Also, following the instruction below and setting the number of bars to 100000 doesn't completely fix the issue.

What happens in this case is that Amibroker only downloads the 1 minute data back to 2017 (while it is available back to 2005). I would've not been concerned about it if it would not also limit the 1 hour and 4 hour data range (they are calculated from 1 minute - so, even for hourly data I become limited to 2017).

Before arriving to conclusions or assuming things, do some math first.

Forex trades 24hours per day. So in case of FOREX:

24 hours is 24 * 60 = 1440 minutes. One year has approx 260 days which gives (260*1440) = 374000 minutes per year.

So if you set number of bars 100K you will get just 1/3 of year worth of 1-minute data (if symbol is traded 24 hours per day). 700K bars will give you 2 years worth of 1-minute data (again for symbols traded 24 hours per day). To get 10 years you would need 3.7 MILLION bars.

@Tomasz What you mentioned was answer to none of my questions. I understand you're the most familiar person with your software, but you're not the only educated person here!

Lets talk about the issue - the issue is that the maximum number of bars allowed in Amibroker is 1000000. You may also know that Forex analysis is based on very detailed data (1min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hr, 4hr, daily). Even though 1000000 is more than enough for an EOD trader, but it is not providing any edge to a Forex trader.
So, could you please enlighten me how I can get 1 minute data back to 2013 or so (hourly charts are also based on 1 minutes data) and daily data back to 1995 or so with the current 1000000 limitation?! Is there any work around? This is where I need your support! IQFEED advised that there might be a workaround, as one of their customers once mentioned to them, but they could not provide any detail!

Regarding my 1st question (candlestick discrepancy between Amibroker and other platforms such as, as per IQFEE: " I supose it's possible Amibroker constructs the candles different. That would be something you would want to ask their support. IQ builds minute data OHLC off of the previous minutes tick data". So, we need a fix here for Forex trades.I hope you don't assume I should know the answer on my own!!!

Thank you in advance!

Wrong. There is no single limitation in regards to maximum number of bars (except for hardware limits)!

Read here

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Than you @fxshrat! I appreciate this mate. I will try it out.

Would you by any chance know about the candlestick form discrepancy between Amibroker and other charting platforms (such as and MT4) when the data is based on 1 minute feed?

When I change the base time interval to End-of-Day, in database setting, I get right form of candlesticks in the daily time-frame. So, this implies to me that Amibroker uses a different approach to construct candlestick from 1 minute data.

See Knowledge Base:

@Tomasz Thanks for the link but it doesn't help! I have spent lots of time to get Amibroker to properly connect to Forex IQFEED real-time data stream and I have had no success. What I’ve done so far:

  1. Based on bits and pieces I collected from different pages, I set the following settings as below. But the issues are not fixed!


If I add the symbols (like EURUSD.FXCM) on 1 minute time interval, two issues arise:

  1. While the 1 minutes charts in Amibroker and (or MT4) are almost identical, but the daily charts are very different
  2. Backfilling of data: In this case, the 1 minute chart backfills to November 2017 but the daily chart also only backfills to the mentioned date.
    If I increase the number of bars to 1000000, it extends the 1 minute chart back to Feb 2015. The daily chart doesn’t go any further back though.

Now, if I add the symbol (like EURUSD.FXCM) on daily time interval, the above issues happen in reverse. The daily charts are almost correct and backfilled to 1997.

But the 1 minute chart doesn’t backfill on its own. If I use the “Force Backfill” option, on 1 minute time frame, I start to get more candles (back to 2015) and despite some discrepancy, they generally look fine! BUT, now the daily candles are incorrect and also history has been shortened to 2015!!!

What happens if I keep requesting on “Foreback fill” form IQFEED on daily timeframe ? After requesting several times, the daily chart gets backfilled to 1997. However, both 1 minute and daily charts becomes incorrect and corrupted!

I have tried some other things as well – with no success!

Spending countless hours to get a paid software to correctly connect to a paid data feed, which is promoted on your website, is not graceful. What I expected from you, as your CUSTOMER, was a correct well-written up-to-date instruction on how to get Amibroker to show the correct charts for Forex (particularly for IQFEED). THIS DOESN'T EXIST NOW!!! I should not spend time on your behalf going back and forth between you, IQFEED and internet searches!

Please look into this and give me an actual fix! Thank you in advance.


Now expanding the number of bars to 10000000 provides me 1 minute data back to mid 2005 which is enough. Also, I get daily data back to 1997 which is also enough. Thank you for this.

But, candlestick form discrepancy still exist. In 1 minute data it is not a very big issues (I have only checked for EURUSD). But in higher time-frames, it is very obvious.


I give correct answers. Always. Re-read this:

You are not spending hours on AB but you are spending time on chasing TradingView display which is not any kind of "reference" for anybody. TradingView in fact can give different charts itself

Daily candles compressed from intraday are CONFIGURABLE as explained in the article.
Currently you are comparing apples to oranges. If you want to compare apples to apples, you need to:
a) find out start and end times of "day" @Trading view (exact start and end times with second accuracy) - depending on country of origin they may be using LOCAL timezone, GMT, UTC, ET or whatever which result that "day" covers different times and daily candles look differently
b) configure compression the SAME way talking into account timezone differences between one source and another

Then you will get almost the same candles.

Almost, because even in finest granularity, you can spot the differences, because FX is unregulated market and there is NO central feed, so quotes from one broker are different than from other broker. Sources like eSignal/IQFeed provide different quotes from different sources. If you compare FXCM to Tenfore or IB/IDEALPRO you can spot differences.