Candles all solid? What's wrong?

Many of my symbols have all solid candles. Database trashed? I am using Amibroker 6.00.2 Pro-edition 64-bit. Is there an easy way to erase the data, but keep the symbols in order to reload the database from Yahoo Historical data? I am using AmiQuote 3.30.

The answer is in the AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions (point 8)

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This did not help. Candles are still solid. I was running AmiQuote as 32-bit. I updated to 64-bit so AmiBroker and AmiQuote are the same.
I have been running my From date back to the year 2000, but it makes no difference in my data. Some symbols are good, but many are bad.
Is there a way to keep my symbols, but delete the data and reload from scratch?
Thanks . . .

It helps, if only you do things correctly.

The reason is that you have outdated installation.

Not only AmiQuote is outdated (current is 3.31) but also FORMAT files (inside "Formats" subfolders are outdated).

Normally these files are installed by the setup program UNLESS the directory is read-only or your antivirus is playing games with you.

You have to go to "Formats" subdirectory and make sure you have NEW files inside. aqh.format should be NOT older than July 24, 2017 and its content must be as follows:

# AmiQuote historical quotes download format (.AQH extension)
# Revision 1.4 - changed the order of columns (due to July 22, 2017 Yahoo site change)
# Revision 1.3 - changed the order of columns (due to May 17, 2017 Yahoo site change)
# Revision 1.1 - removed $VOLFACTOR 0.01
# The format line below allows to get data adjusted for SPLITS
# to get data adjusted for SPLITS AND DIVIDENDS replace 'Skip' by 'AdjClose'
$FORMAT Date_DMY,Open,High,Low,Close,Skip,Volume
$GROUP 254
# the following switches are optional - please consult
# the read-me for description of those options

And quite obviously you have to re-download history AND make sure that "automatic import" box is checked.

Everything is already in the FAQ thread: AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions

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