Cannot get one quote from Yahoo due to Invalid Cookie

Hi, I am considering to buy Amiquote. To check how it works and meet my demands, I tried just to download one symbol. But that does not work and I get the error message regarding an invalid cookie. Searching for this topic on this site, I found several discussions regarding this, but still was not able to resolve this issue.


Please help,

Many thanks

Make sure you are using newest version (3.31). Also you need to make sure that you did not block cookies in Internet Explorer Settings (yes Windows uses IE settings globally for all apps using Windows Internet).


Hi Tomasz,
The newest version did the trick.
Many thx

I also had this problems about 3 days ago, tried on multiple computers, even on multiple VPN server locations nothing was working.. However, Tomasz was great, You responded it with quick solution, I tried the new evaluation version of amiquote, it worked perfectly now. Thanks Tomasz, you are the best. Really appreciated . Your excellence makes me stay with Amibroker for ever..