Cannot install AmiQuote 3.25

When trying to install AmiQuote 3.25 on a Windows 7 32Bit machine, I get following error
from FreeExtractor : Could not extract the current file. Access is denied …
Any idea what’s going wrong ?

Why don’t you search the forum first?

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Because I did not find the topic. Also the automatic search did not show me that there already was a
topic concerning my problem. But anyway thanks for your answer …

You should not insert things like “I’d like to drink a cup of coffee” into search option but something that is actually related to your issue.

Saying that it does not show up is incorrect. Very poor excuse.

If I insert just something as simple as “install” and choose Amiquote category in advanced options then the first suggested topic is “Amiquote will not install” of June 28th.

You don’t believe? Here is proof.

Now how about using something “more challenging” like “access denied”? Well, same result here. Top result once again topic “Amiquote will not install” of June 28th. You don’t believe? Here is proof.

One the other hand no result for “cup of coffee”. You don’t believe? Here is proof.

So automatic search actually works. It is just a matter of competence using it properly.

Oh hello God, how you’re doing. Long time ago.
No I did not ask for a cup of coffee or tea.
Anyway always nice to get one of your friendy replies …

God is dead.
I’m alive and fine.
You’re welcome.

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