Cannot see database folder in Windows Explorer!

I have a very strange problem which I'll be grateful if you could help with.

I have a database titled "DHAKA STOCK EXCHANGE" which I can see and choose when I go to Tools ---> Preferences ---> Data as in the screenshot below


However when I try to browse to "C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\DHAKA STOCK EXCHANGE" I do not see the folder at all in the directory. I've set Folder Options in windows explorer such that both hidden and system files are shown - yet the Database folder is visible in Amibroker but not in windows explorer! I would like to be able to copy the database to another PC for use


Check "Hidden" attribute or allow Explorer to display Hidden folders (by default Windows explorer does not show hidden folders)

I am having the same issue in Window 10 where I am not able to see the database folder in Explorer, and I have enabled showing of hidden folders in Explorer. I only see the (hidden) folders when accessing via a file selection process in AB. Is there any thing else I need to do to address this. ?

Your AmiBroker installation may be incorrect (i.e. FULL setup not run in first place as it should).

Make sure that you don't have VirtualStore folder like this:

C:\Users\*current logged in user*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker

If such folder exists, it means that your AMiBroker was NOT properly installed in first place.
Existence of such folder means that writes are redirected by Windows to wrong place (VirtualStore)
and they may cause all kinds of troubles including inability to save new content.

To fix that you need to:

  1. Delete Virtual Store folder
    C:\Users\*current logged in user*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker

  2. Run FULL SETUP of AmiBroker

Tomasz, I've looked high and low....tutorial, forum, goggle. I looking to do a Full Installation. Checking my file folders I could not find Setup - Amibroker or find a pull down menu as shown in your graphic above. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Michael

*** SORRY your question refers to Amibroker Setup, so please ignore my post

Hello Michael,

it could be your filesystem table (NTFS) has been corrupted.

Startup CMD as Administrator and run to check/repair your filesystem via "SFC /scannow". This process would need some time depending in your HD/SSD.

Best regards,

You have to download the setup file or installation exe from members area by logging in.

Thanks very much NSM!!