Can't connect to IB TWS for backfill (Msg 5, 10314)

Hi All,

I have read through many of the forum posts here (e.g. this and this) and other online forums regarding this but I still don't know how to make this work for AmiBroker.

I have gone through all the steps for connecting TWS to AmiBroker for backfilling data correctly. However, I still get the following message.

The general consensus is that I need to downgrade my TWS version to < 10 (which is not possible as it doesn't work) or to replace use UTC or instrument timezone (I tried this in TWS and still get the error) or change string to America/New_York from US/Eastern (I don't know how to do this).

Can someone please help me out? I have spent countless hours to try and make this work. Thank you in advance.

Amibroker version is 6.49.1
IB TWS versions tried 10.19, 10.27, 10.28 and 9.81 (doesn't load)
AmiBroker Database Intraday settings shown below

Hello scholesy,

please have a look at this post :

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Perfect, thanks so much! Would've never figured that out and surprised I didn't come across that thread after googling and searching for hours.

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