Can't draw objects around the last bar on 3-day and 9-day charts

I use a few non-standard timeframes, like 3-min, 30-min, and 3-day and 9-day charts.

On 3d and 9d charts, I'm unable to draw objects around the last bar, which is unlike the other timeframes. For example, compare the circles in these charts, where the 9d circle is compressed (first chart) but the 1d circle is normal (2nd chart):

I tried changing the number of blank bars in the margin, but that didn't make a difference. Is there something else that I need to do so that I can draw around these last bars on the 3d/9d charts?

If you want to draw into non-existing bars (beyond your last available data bar), AmiBroker needs to artificially create future dates/times. It might be that the extrapolated bar lands in Sunday or Saturday (just a guess, I don't have your data here). For all such cases when nobody but support can help, you should send all data required to reproduce problem TO SUPPORT email, not the forum.
Looking at pictures alone nobody would know.

Ah, I understand, thanks!

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