Cant reset predefined chart theme!

I wanted to see how they looked, I did not save preferences when exiting but the changes remain. I cant find a reset either. I need to get this back to the way it was on the initial install.!

Annotation 2020-06-24 133320

Anyone know how to reset this to the default install condition?

@jaye were you using one of the predefined chart themes? Pull down the chart theme menu and pick one


Thanks, I did, I cannot get it back to the default and it really messed up my charts, to the point I cant even read them. It appeared to have a blank as you see, I thought that if I clicked back on that it would reset it to the default. That said none of those choices get it anywhere close to the original install.

Select "Black" from the dropdown combo. That is how initial setup is done.

Thanks everyone, I originally tried black with no results. I did find the problem and it was on my end. I did a chkdsk and defrag and now everything works fine.
Thanks again everyone!