Can't see filter pop up window in Analysis because I disconnected screen

Hi guys,

I have a little problem running Amibroker. A problem with my laptop because AB works perfectly in my other computer (as it worked till now in my laptop).

When I click in "Filter" in "Analysis window", I don't see any pop up window. When clicking on any other place in the main AB window, it generates the classic bell sound as my filter window was openned and AB was waiting for me to manage it.

I have updated AB version and my issue persists. I don't know if it's related but I broke my laptop screen and I am working with an external screen (the original is disconnected). Any way, I test it with the broken screen and it happens, too, so I guess it is not the reason.

I have searched on the net to find a way to see the filter window, but I don't find a solution that solves my problem. I still only see my main AB window frozen (because I can't do anything with AB).

I'm sure it would be a silly thing, but I'm stuck with this. Some help will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Nothing is frozen. You have moved your filter to the OTHER SCREEN, then you disconnected the screen and it opens fine but just in the old position - on external screen that you disconnected (so you can't see it).

Now you need to RESET (delete) stored window positions.

Open REGEDIT in Windows and DELETE the ALL keys beginning with

where XX is either 2 or 3 letter hex code (digits 0..9, and letters a..f)

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Thank you very much, Tomasz. It's ok now. I really appreciate your help. I was going completely crazy ...

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