CAP and MOD indicators

In the lower right side of the AB 6.40 Pro Formula Editor, in the Status Bar are "MOD" and "CAP" indicators. In the 6.40 ReadMe it mentions: "AFL Editor: added "MOD" indicator in the status bar to indicator current formula was modified".
Both of these indicators are displayed at all times on my Formula Editor. With, or without a formula, modified or unmodified, even a new, blank sheet with no formula.
My question is, what are these and what controls them?


CAP indicates whether caps lock is enabled/disabled on your end.

MOD indicates whether formula is in modified state.

Yes, they are visible all the time but they change color.

If you look carefully/more closely then you can see on your picture that both of them are greyed out. Compare color to Ln1, Col1. Latter ones have black color. If they (either Mod or Cap or both at same time) have black color then they are enabled (CAP black font color -> caps lock ON, MOD black color -> formula has been modified).

Here is animation (Note: I have different UI theme so colors are different ones).


Thanks for the reply, fxshrat.
I have a white background and the change is so slight I hadn't noticed it before.
Not much of a change.
Your background style makes it show much better and I'll try that style.

Have a good day.

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