Categories are not folders, was: New folder like favourites in top panel symbol


I want to create a new folder like Favorites or indexes in the top panel of symbols.
I do not know how to do it
thank you

What you can and what you can't do is described in manual:

In short: categories are not "folders". And what you can do is to create your watch lists. Favorite is a "boolean" flag (yes or no), so there is no "favorite 2 or 3"

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thank you. I created watch list but I want to know if it was posible create favourite 2 or other indexes with programing boolean flag....
thank you

What sense does it make to have favourite(s) 2, 3, 4??

Either you have a group of favourites or you don't have. That's the whole point of favourites.

There are no best favourite(s) and 2nd and 3rd best favourite(s)

If you want "boolean" flag for watchlists then use InWatchlist(your_watchlist).

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When I open Amibroker it is more comfortable to see indexes and favorites or other whatch list that i can create. The Indexes is connected with a watch list and would like to make new to go faster and more comfortable. If I can See the watch list that I create when open amibroker without have to look for them it´s faster.

Just learn to use Watch Lists

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