Chandelier Stop, request for help


i am using the Chandelier stop as a tralling stop, using the formula apply stop. however i am geting some unfriendly exits when a price got a big increase in same day, and in this day is the bigest high since entry…i believe this is because the code is geting into consideration the high since the entry to the current day to define the stoplevel…
exist any way to avoid this situation, i mean exist any way to change the code for it have only into consideration the high since entry to previous day?
i am using for backtesting…
if someone can help me, thank you…

I have also noticed this, but haven’t found a solution yet.

You don’t get answer because it is already answered many times here and in the Knowledge Base. If you searched the forum you would find your answer quickly instead of waiting for yet another re-iteration of the very same answer to same question.

This “unfriendly exit” is realistic exit. Since you don’t have intraday data it does not know whenever high occurred before low or the opposite. So it uses worst-case, i.e. safe scenario for trailing stop i.e. that you hit the high first and get you out of the trade.

If that is not what you want you can just use custom code for stop as presented in the KB
or just use intraday data and code your system for intraday (safest bet)