Change Analysis window Start date in AFL

The symbol I am using has data back to 1950 but sometimes my afl uses data for buy sells that does not go back this far. Is there a way to change the start date from inside the afl? Sometimes I have a start date entered, but do not want to look up data to see when it will create first trade.

To set dates and everything regarding Analysis windows use Analysis PROJECT file (.APX). It saves everything in one file, including formula AND settings.

To save Analysis project use File->Save As (when Analysis is active)
To load Analysis project use File->Open

Thanks Tomaz

What if I want the ability to change dates and if I change date to a date before buys can start I want to automatically adjust start date.

for Example if I enter 1/1/1970 and the date will not allow buys to occur until 1980 I would like to automatically adjust start date because if symbol has data back to 1970 backtest will calculate CAR back to 1970.

From/To dates are PER backtest, not per symbol.
You don't need to adjust anything. If data PADDING is OFF, then it will automatically use 1980 start even if "From" is set earlier.

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