Change Color Indicator Separator

Hi. Can someone please tell me if there is a setting that will allow me to change the color of the horizontal line that separates one indicator from the one below it? I can change the color of the right hand axes but not the horizontal one that divides the price from another indicator.


AFAIK there is no setting to modify color of indicator (pane) separator line.

As you pointed out, one may change Axes (line) color from Tools > Preferences > Color Tab.

However, one may simply write something like below but that won't precisely overlap the pane separator line.

_SECTION_BEGIN( "Customized pane separator line" );
	lineX1 = 0;						lineY1 = Status( "pxHeight" ) * 99.9e-2; // default separator line supersedes
	lineX2 = Status( "pxWidth" );	lineY2 = lineY1;
	GfxSetZOrder( 5 );
	GfxSetCoordsMode( 0 );	
	GfxSelectPen( ParamColor( "Select color", colorAqua ), 1, solidLine = 0 );
	GfxMoveTo( lineX1, lineY1 );	GfxLineTo( lineX2, lineY2 );

Hi Cougar

Thanks for that. I gave it a try but I just seem to end up with 2 lines then. I just want to hide the one thats there.

You can't control the color of pane separator line. It is not an axis. It is part of the UI (so called splitter window) and not part of chart. It is needed as visual clue to the user to know where to place the mouse to drag panes.

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