Change Default size of Backtest Report pop-up Window

Hi! Is there a way to change the default size of the HtmlView window pop-up for the Backtest Report? On my computer, for some sections of the report like "Charts", I have to use the horizontal scroll bar (or manually resize the window every time) to see the entire content. It would be convenient if I can make the window wider by default.

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Hi, under Analysis Settings / Report / Chart Dimension you can define the chart size.

Thanks. Tried it. The charts are smaller and fit in the window. But the profit table is still a large size and needs to be horizontally scrolled. How can we reduce the size/width of the profit table?
Also, is there any way to auto-size the view window to be larger rather than the making the charts smaller (and more difficult to see) to fit?

Profit table is HTML table and it auto-adjusts to text size (content). Currently Report Viewer opens in default window size and position that is guaranteed to be visible on primary monitor and does not store its last position. This is because of the 2 reasons:

  • if you open multiple reports they are spread over the screen so you can see that there are 2 or more (if it opened in the same location they would overlap and people will start complaining "I can't see my other report")
  • if user moved the window to other monitor or in some place near the edge and new report opened in such invisible location I will hear complaint "report does not open", even if it really opened but in "invisible" location.

Especially 2) "problem" is popular


Double left clicking the report with the cursor hovering on the top edge (cursor will be up/down arrow) makes the report full length but default width (that's what I use to compare multiple reports). Alternatively just double clicking in the top section of the report (where the afl name is) makes the report full screen size. Just some other options.

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Thanks Tomasz - this makes sense. Perhaps the solution is to let user set default report dimensions in Settings just like we do for chart dimensions? Especially given the newer large monitors with more real estate, this might be useful for some?

Thanks. Didn't know about the full length option. Useful!

I use a freeware utility called AutoSizer to set the default size and position of the backtest report window.

You need to take Tomasz's caveats above into account, since each new report opened will open exactly on top of any previous ones, but as long as you're cognisant of that, it means you never have to resize the window when you open a backtest report.

Here's the settings I use, but you'll need to adjust the size and location to your own screen real estate.



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