Change what stock gets processed first

I am doing the typical raking of the stocks in a list, executing the raking when the first stock in the Filter Settings is processed.

The problem is that, in this case, the first stock in the filter for the analysis (Status("stocknum") == 0) happens to have been delisted in 2019 so my program does not generate any signals after its delisting date.

Is there a way to tell Amibroker to process for example AAPL or BA as the first stock in the filter settings instead of the first stock by alphabetic order?


As per the documentation, you should always enable Pad & Align when performing ranking. Just use a reference symbol that has a complete and reliable history.

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Thanks, I had opened a new analysis tab and did not realize that Pad and Align was not ticked in the new tab by default.
I was about to answer on my own thread and saw that you posted the answer.

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