Changes to watchlist are save without saving databse


The changes to the watchlists are automatically are saved. The side effect of this behavior is that if one programmatically make changes to a watchlist then restoring it becomes difficult. It seems to me it would be more elegant if one could choose to make the changes permanent by saving the database.

But the database is also automatically saved, on exit or when you change the databases or when you simply exceed in-memory cache size, quotation data must be saved because they can't all be loaded in RAM once the database size is more than in-memory cache.

Tomasz, I am primarily EOD data user. When I download EOD data, upon exit AB ask me if I want to save the changes. If I say no, then the data is not saved. In all the years that I have used AB (almost 20 years), I have never experienced that AB automatically saving downloaded data without asking for permission. I am not doubting your statement I am just relaying my experience.

Yes it will ask you to save the data and as long as you don't exceed your in-memory cache it won't save, but as I said, as soon as you have more data than it fits in in-memory cache AmiBroker is forced to save, so it doesn't lose data you imported. You can decrease in-memory cache setting in the preferences down to 11 and it will start saving after 11 symbols.

Understood. Lets not co-mingle the issues. It would be nice if the changes to watchlists are not automatically saved. I don' see the current situation advantage.

I store the WL folder as a copy backup. When AB is not running, you can overwrite those files (with script or file explorer in windows )and get a simple restore. Im sure you already know but I could relate to messing up my WL so this is how i resolve it.

@QuantTrader, OK, will try to accommodate your request


Thanks @msn51 for your reply. I do backup of my whole AB folder on a weekly basis. Generally that is more than enough. I also keep a log of changes that I make. Thanks to Tomasz now, I can skip daily backups.