Changing backfill length

I'm experimenting with Interactive Brokers data backfills that vary in length. I find that frequently, when I switch between databases, the option in Amibroker to change the backfill length is not selectable; the last backfill option will be selected and the other options are disabled.

To get around this, I created a database with one ticker symbol, 'base time interval' = end-of-day data, and the 'number of bars' option set to 5. The created database ends up being very small and loads quickly. When I load that small database, I can then select any backfill length I want but I usually select 180 days. Then when I load the next database, I have the option to select any backfill length I want for the database I choose to load.

I'm not sure if this might be a helpful hint for somebody, or if I'm missing something and this is a dumb thing I'm doing. If it's dumb then please let me know a better way to ensure that all the backfill options are available when different databases are loaded. If what I'm doing isn't a dumb idea then that's a good thing and a small way to pay back all the help I've received on this forum. That said, I recognize that it doesn't make sense to select 30 days for tick data because IB will never backfill even one day of tick data, and thus, I'm not doing things like that.

My best guess is that I'm missing something and I've come up with a procedure that isn't even necessary ha ha :slight_smile:

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