Changing content of a watch list (mylist.TLS) MANUALLY

I am running 64 bit version of 6.30.5 under W10 Pro.

After shutting down AB, I update watch list mylist.TLS manually using an editor, then start AB , I notice the followings:

  1. AB is NOT using what is in mylist.TLS, still remember and use the OLD mylist.TLS.
  2. Upon exit, AB reverts mylist.TLS back to its OLD content.

Is there any way to ask AB forgot the old content and accept the NEW content of mylist.TLS?

Thanks for helping.

The content of watch lists is read only when AmiBroker LOADS the database into RAM. If you are changing the files while database is loaded, the changes are ignored and the content that AmiBroker has in RAM will overwrite anything you changed.
Therefore watch lists should be manipulated from within AmiBroker in documented ways

Thanks for the quick answer. Let me rephrase in one sentence,

Any change of a LOADED TLS file must go through AB, otherwise changes will be ignored.

I am sure I am not the first one, also not the last one who try to change a TLS file manually.

Guys, do not waste your time on trying a scheme that depends on changing a TLS file.

Actually you can tell AmiBroker to reload externally changed .TLS files:

// JScript code
AB = new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application");
AB.LoadWatchlists(); // reloads watch lists from DB

Keep in mind that doing so reloads contents from the disk, so any changes that you did from UI in current session will be overwritten.

If user in the meantime modified watchlists, his changes will be lost, which may be confusing to the user, see this: Norgate database maintenance may (and will) overwrite watch lists

Any add-on that messes up with watch lists should inform the user about what is going to happen and get consent. Or at least SaveDatabase prior to doing any modifications to watch lists.