Changing from 32 bit to 64 bit version

I have been using the registered 32bit version of Amibroker 6.30.5 on Windows 10. I should like to change to the 64bit version. The 32bit version is in dir. c:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker. The 64bit version will automatically install in c:\Program Files\AmiBroker.

How can I keep all my data and settings for the 64bit version? Do I uninstall the 32bit version first? Do I install the 64bit version in the (x86) directory? Will the registration program still work or will it think I am trying to use two copies of Amibroker?

You can install both versions at the same time. The registration program is different for 64 bit version and must be run separately (details are in the registration email).

Both versions can read the same data files. If you want 64-bit version to read 32-bit version data and settings, you can point right click on 64-bit version SHORTCUT icon, choose properties and change "Start In" field to where 32-bit version is installed.

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Ah, I didn't mention that I have been using the Standard edition of Amibroker. Amibroker Support has told me that Standard edition is only available in 32-bit. That seems a little odd, but fair enough. I don't need the real-time platform in the 64-bit Professional edition. Many thanks for your help and the wonderful software.

It is explained here:

Thank you. I couldn't see a price on the order page for changing from Standard to Professional (I already have version 6.30.5 Standard edition). Is there a lower conversion price to change to Professional or do I have to buy the Professional upgrade?

With all licensing stuff and orders you need to contact support directly via email.

Hi Tomasz

What is the pro & cons ?
Is there any other way simply just to do the same thing but without repointing the
Start in to "\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker", the goal is that I will only have 64bit version, and I can remove the 32bit version, including the folder etc.

I just compared both version and seems like 64bit is faster for huge exploration process

From this link : Copy the whole thing

Will it work from 32 folder to 64 folder? (layout, config, study, etc?)

Plz advise