Changing Internet option, was: The limit of concurrent

I am using the InternetPostRequest() function. Is it possible to increase the limit of concurrent connections for one server in AmiBroker program? What settings will maximize the speed of sending requests to the server from multiple windows simultaneously?

It is usually the SERVER that limits number of connections handled from single IP. And usually you don't control server (as long as server is not yours). Often servers treat too many requests as denial of service attack and you will be cut off from service.

As to Internet functions, as I wrote many many times, it is just WINET API, and docs are present at the Microsoft web site. Any questions are answered there. Any Option that is available is available via InternetSetOption

Before changing any Internet options you should be made aware that their default values are good and chosen by Microsoft on purpose and for a reason. Changing them may cause problems. So think twice before manipulating them without really knowing what you are doing. And most likely you don't know better than Microsoft engineers.

I tried this without success:


And below with success, but this works for all application:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections]
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For what it is worth, I am NOT using SetOption with INTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_SERVER in AmiQuote, yet it can make 10 simultaneous GET requests and it just works and AmiQuote is used by tens of thousands people everyday and uses WINET as well and it does not require any registry manipulation.

I am using these functions for trading, not for downloading quotes. That's why I need to increase the number of concurrent connections from 2 (default in Windows 10) to, for example, 6 (trading on multiple accounts, with multiple systems).

It does NOT matter for what you are using them. HTTP request is the same,
it does NOT check whenever you are using this for downloading poems or something else. It just works and does not require changing any options. Also HTTP/1.1 that you are using is stateless and this is important to understand Why is it said that "HTTP is a stateless protocol"? - Stack Overflow

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