Changing the order of Market Categories in 64 bit.

Hello, first post here.
I'm a noob, so, please, go easy.

I installed 32 bit Amibroker last week on Windows 10, installed on parallels 17.1.4 on a macbook pro 2019 running OS V12.3.1.

I have amiquote also. I noticed that when importing tickers from amiquote, in the 32 bit version, they would automatically import into the category that was at the top of the market. What I did to get around this was when I was importing a group of tickers, I'd put the market that I was interested in, to the top of the list on the categories, using the move up button.
Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 10.48.44 am

I've released that my machine is 64 bit and I figure that it might be better int he long run if install the 64 bit from the get go. I have installed that and started to set up my tickers etc. The same issue came up, in that amiquote imports the tickers into the market at the top of the list in amibroker (not into the market that is currently selected). I went to use the same approach, but...
Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 10.49.47 am
No button!

Essentially I am looking for advice on importing quotes via amiquote, into the market I am trying to look at. Thanks.

Sorted! When I migrated to 64 bit, I downloaded 6.00, noyt 6.40. 6.40 has the feature and I am up and running now. Thanks

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