Changing the size of some icons

I recently bought couple of 4K monitors. As the screen shot below shows the highlighted icons are too small. Does any one know how to change windows 7 settings to enlarge them?


Maybe the link below might help..

@awilson, those are different icons.

@QuantTrader, AmiBroker are aware of it (as been told to me months ago) and it is known issues caused by 3rd party library that they use for parts of the UI. It requires rewriting large portions of it. So ATM there is no user setting to enlarge those examples of your picture on 4k monitors.

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Thanks @fxshrat. I thought It was a Windows 7 issue. I've been searching the internet for a Windows 7 setting.

I hope to address this sometime in the autumn this year when I change my monitor setup to 4K.

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