Changing the View depending on the Monitor Setup

Hi all,

I have a "nice to have" question. I work with a laptop and I have different monitor setups with my laptop (depends on where I work):

  • 1 monitor (laptop)
  • 2 external monitors
  • 1 TV

Everytime I change the monitor setup I have to spend some time to get a nice view. Example: Some floating charts disappear (because of a lower resolution) and AB changes its location.
I tried winsplit but I did not find a way to use it with my setup.

Do you have any ideas how I can automatically switch my view?
I also work with a picture editing software where I defined workspaces and I can switch easily from setup A to setup B. I know that AB has higher development priorities but maybe someone else had a similar issue and solved it somehow.


Save your setup under “layouts” tab.

I have a couple for chart setups, some are for my laptop, some are for when I hook it up and to a monitor.

Just remember theirs local and global. Local is for that specific database your in, global can be accessed across any. Can set default on tab as well. Just right click on default and click save as default while what you want as default is open.

Layouts topic at very bottom.

I also personally have in preferences not to save layouts automatically. That way when I screw it up I can simply just close Amibroker and reload. Just make sure to save manually if I make any changes.


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