Chart background color - transparent


I used the following code to different background color :

tn = TimeNum();
startTime = 90000; // start in HHMMSS format
endTime = 240000;  // end in HHMMSS format
timeOK = tn >= startTime AND tn <= endTime;

color = IIf( timeOK, colorPaleGreen, colorPink );
Plot( 1, "", color, styleArea|styleOwnScale,0,1 );

I have a few questions:
1- How can I have a transparent color like when we draw a rectangle?
2- When I draw a rectangle, it is behind the colors and I cannot use tools like a rectangle?
I appreciate it if you could help me in this regard

Best regards

You could try Z-order?


Thank you very much. It works perfectly.

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